The start of my 4c hair Journey

newproject_1_original_E0FvH9OPZlNIn October 2015 I decided to go natural. It was not because I had a problem with my relaxed hair, (…I liked it a lot😄. It was heavy, bouncy and could hold most styles) I just wanted to see what God gave me😉, and it was also because I hated how long I stayed in the dryer when I went to the salon (…I mean, it was that bad, all those I went in before would have their hair dried before mine and I would come out with my eyes all red from the heat)

Initially I was scared it wouldn’t look good on me, especially when I saw others with natural hair that looked so dry and damaged😅. I didn’t want my hair to be like that so I did my research. I followed a couple of natural hair YouTube videos (…it was mostly the ones by Journeytowaistlength) and also read blogs on how to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair (…because I didn’t have the courage to cut my hair and start with teeny-weeny afro (TWA), I decided to transition for a year before my big chop).

I felt more confident after my research and gathered the basic items I needed to start my journey (…the basic items for my transition will be discussed later in “My transition”).

Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures of my transition days but the featured picture above shows a picture of my hair before I decided to go natural and one during my transition days.

Follow this blog to get more tips on how I did my transition, my washday routines, natural hair on a budget, and more on growing a healthy natural hair.

We’re going to have lots of fun with our hair whiles growing it healthy😎!


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