My transition

Ever heard people say, “If you don’t cut your hair to start afresh your hair will break?” Well, I heard that a lot, but I wasn’t ready to start with Teeny-weeny Afro (TWA). I couldn’t picture myself with short hair because I didn’t know if I would ‘rock it’ 😎. So I transitioned, to be honest with you it wasn’t easy because, I had two textures to deal with (my relaxed and kinky hair).

Most blogs I read during my transition always said to moisturize, seal and to take care of the delicate part where relaxed meets kinky, else it will lead to breakage. (That is why most people say the hair will break)

So I adopted the L.O.C method of moisturizing and sealing my hair to help prevent breakage. My ‘L’ which stands for liquid was always water, ‘O’ which stands for oil was mostly castor oil or EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), then my ‘C’ which stands for cream was my Cantu Argan oil leave-in conditioner and/or shea butter. Sometimes it becomes L.C.O instead of L.O.C but it all gave me great results.

For days when I was in a hurry but needed to moisturize and seal my hair, I usually had a spray bottle which contained 80% water and 20% oil and leave-in conditioner. My ingredients were water, castor oil, EVOO, Coconut oil, peppermint oil (my favorite essential oil, it gives a tingling sensation plus prevents dandruff) and finally Cantu argan oil leave-in conditioner.

My routines were washing my hair at least once a week if I do not have a protective style like braids (if I have braids I wash 2 weeks) and in between I either do a deep conditioning with protein treatment or hot oil treatment. Note: my wash day routines and Hot oil treatments will be discussed into details later.

I’ve already mentioned protective style, it was my convenient go to during my transition. I was mostly wearing wigs with my hair braided underneath or box braids for a month or two. I will discuss how I take care of my hair in box braids in maintaining my box braids.

An advice I will give you if you decide to transition is to be patient, give your hair all the love you can (TLC), never work on your hair when you are tired, trust me, you will regret it. Have fun with your hair!

Comb your hair with only a wide tooth comb; if you use a closed tooth comb you will break your hair. To be safe just finger de-tangle😉.

Always keep your hair in protective styles or styles that require minimal handling.

Get your self a satin scarf; never ever sleep without wrapping your hair in a silk/satin scarf. This helps your hair to retain the moisture; if you use any other scarf like cotton it will absorb the moisture, which will leave your hair dry and susceptible to breakages.

Never work on your hair when it’s dry. Always make sure your hair is moist. You can do this by spraying water on it before working on it, or if it is right after a wash routine make sure it’s about 80% dry before you work on it. Do not dry the hair totally.

Do not use towel to dry your hair. All you need is an old t-shirt, wrap it on your hair for a while to absorb some of the water then you work on it. If you rub the hair with a towel it can tangle the hair and break it.

Always work on your hair in sections, if you don’t you will be battling with tangles, which will make you hate your hair.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section, and don’t worry, the reply will come sooner than you’d expect it.



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