Natural hair on a budget (1)

Happy New Year to all my natural sisters🎉🎉🎉!!! I’m sure most of us have some interesting New Year resolutions, and for all those who have decided to go natural in 2019 I’m going to be here to support you 🙋🏽. Here’s my support…

Well, a lot of people complain maintaining natural hair with all the TLC is expensive, (it’s half true) but there are some great products available which won’t drain your wallet to keep a healthy natural hair.

So basically, things you will need to maintain your hair are: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, oils and some equipment, which will be discussed into details shortly.

Note: products mentioned are merely recommendations from what I have tried during my hair journey.


In choosing a shampoo for your hair journey you need to look out for shampoo’s that are sulfate-free and no Parabens, (Yes, if you don’t like reading product labels you’ve got to start now) these product turn to strip your hair of the moisture which we require so much on our natural 4C hair. Products containing natural oils help to moisturize your hair so it’s best to stick with that. I won’t say I didn’t use products containing sulfate at all; I did but not as often as I did with the sulfate-free ones. Once a while, I do a clarifying wash with sulfate products (I will give a list of some of them as well), so here is a list of some affordable shampoos I used during my journey.

Note: There are a wide range of products I haven’t tried yet, you could try them and let me know how it made your hair feel. Just don’t forget to look out for the ingredients on the package.


  1. Cream of nature Argan oil from Morocco shampooa68947ec-2c2a-495a-8ad3-b04278caa825_1.13f424a7edbecd8932442f4d53a480a6
  2. Organic root stimulator (ORS) Hydrating shampoo31H9qm0l7jL._SY355_
  3. V05 sulfate-free shampoo (Note: they have some that contain sulfate)New-VO5-Sulfate-Free-Shampoos-and-Conditioners-3-e1517430149203
  4. Eya Naturals black soap shampooIMG_1305.JPG


  1. Mega growth stimulating shampoo
  2. V05 moisture milks shampoo


We will continue tomorrow with more of the basic items needed to start your natural hair journey on a budget.

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Have a fabulous hair journey this year!


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